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Verstellbare Plyo/Squat Box

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Verstellbare Plyo/Squat Box
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Plyo-Boxen eignen sich bestens dafür, die Bewegungsschnelligkeit und Explosivität zu verbessern. Beim Springen werden sehr viele Kalorien verbraucht und sowohl die Beinmuskeln als auch die Lunge ordentlich trainiert.
Dieses Gerät ist auch bestens für Boxbeugen geeignet.

Maß obere Platte: 433 mm x 433 mm
Bruttogewicht: 25 kg
Dicke des Gestells: 75 mm x 75 mm

Höhenverstellbar zwischen ca. 300 mm und 403 mm

Empfohlene max. Gewichtsbelastung: 500 kg


Verstellbare Plyo/Squat Box

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Excellent squat box
Note: I use it for box squatting.

I was in the market for a squat box, something made of metal and not some weak apparatus available that falls over when you look at it, also it had to be adjustable to save space.
Normally I would look to companies like Rogue and Elitefts but the shipping costs would raise the price through the roof.

I found my match in this product. It's sturdy as hell; I was genuinely impressed by the quality of it.

Included in the package are:
The top part consisting of a metal plate and two box profiles attached to it.
The lower part consists of two legs that slide over the box profiles.
Two metal "pins", it has an U shape.
The package felt heavy; most of the time that is a good sign.

The box:
The height is adjustable by putting the supplied metal pin into a hole of a leg that matches a hole in the box profile.
There are 5 holes in the box profile; the center of these are around 2,5cm apart. At it highest the box measures around 40cm.
For me that's a bit below parallel, perfect. You can easily raise the height by adding a rubber mat (the kind you put under a washing machine) or putting plates on top of it. Or you can squat lower.

When adjusting the height I recommend putting it on its side and move the legs separately.

The top is made of checker plate, measuring 45cmx45cm; it is supported by a frame surrounding the edge and two beams in the middle (the place where the box profiles meet). I don't see this bending or breaking; ever.
When sitting down it feels pretty comfortable, I was expecting something else with checker plate.

For squatting I simply turn the box a bit so I can sit down on it without my calves hitting the plate.

The "feet" where the box rest on (two on each leg) has a rubberish casting, preventing slipping.
Time will tell if these last, but I suspect they will come off after a year or 2 of usage. For now they make the box stick to my shuttering plywood like magnets.

As said before I'm very pleased by this product and if you are in need of a squat box in Europe if would recommend this on.
The only way to make it better is to attach little wheels to it so it's more easy to move around.

Kundenmeinung von Dirk-Maarten / (Veröffentlicht am 06.04.2013)

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